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Thank you for visiting our new Internet site. As an up-to-date business, we want to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with our company. We are look forward to working with you. Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help. Gaete Works is just getting started with a new Omax 60120® JetMachining Center with Tilt-A-Jet®. Our intended goal is to provide the highest quality cutting in a variety of materials in days not weeks. Our business is located in Kemah, Texas.

Why Water Jet?

Typical Applications

Produce a wide variety of short-run parts

Save valuable machine time where ±0.005" is acceptable

Work with materials that are affected by heat (such as titanium, and aluminum) or materials that laser can not cut (such as thicker metal or composites)

Work directly from CAD drawings

Quickly produce one-off parts

Control Just-in-Time inventory requirements

Offer "clean edge" plate work, such as brackets, machine parts and weldments

Lets you create complex designs in glass, stone, tile and metal

Minimize scrap when working with expensive materials